Who Are We

* What is Barcelona Lottery?

- Barcelona Lottery is the first & only legal lottery company operating in the province of Barcelona as a means of installing legal lottery by drawing lots every day.

* When was the Barcelona Lottery established?

- The Barcelona Lottery was officially established in 2016 by the Barcelona provincial government after obtaining approval from MPs with the aim of providing an official lottery game facility for Barcelona citizens

* Who can purchase Barcelona Lottery 's ticket ?

Barcelona Lottery, when it first started operating in 2016, can only be purchased by residents of the Barcelona province by showing an identity card when purchasing tickets at Barcelona Lottery outlets, which are available throughout the Barcelona Province.
But since 2018, the Barcelona Lottery can already be purchased by tourists and residents from outside Barcelona with a maximum limitation of purchasing 5 tickets per individual with a minimum age limit of 21 years.

* What will the Barcelona Lottery profit be used for?

- Barcelona Lottery is a lottery company owned by the Barcelona government so that a portion (about 25%) of the profits will be deposited to the government treasury while the rest will be used to support social programs run by the Barcelona Lottery.
Where every allocation of these funds will still be overseen by an independent auditor appointed by the government.